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New PostsForum/Website Issues
Comments/suggestions, changes or addition to forums and categories and website READ THIS FIRST, please
62130Wednesday Jul 6th, 2016 12:29 pm
by Automationforum
in Industrial Automation, PLC Programming, scada Pid Control System Go to last Post
New PostsNEWS & Announcements
Cytech Announcements - not for general posting.
92271Wednesday Sep 14th, 2016 12:33 pm
by slychiu
in New Products from Cytech Go to last Post
New PostsProduct & Marketing Materials
Download product and marketing materials
3374Tuesday Feb 23rd, 2016 11:22 am
by slychiu
in Comfort Smart Home Video Go to last Post
New PostsComfort Installation and Programming Guide
Instructions for Installing and Programming Comfort
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts Comfort Installation Instructions  Comfort Installation instructions  (9|23)
   New Posts How to Use Comfigurator  Comfigurator Instructions, tips and tutorials  (15|64)
   New Posts Security System Programming  Programming Comfort Security System  (11|32)
   New Posts Automation Programming  Programming Comfort to do Automation  (9|28)
   New Posts Responses and Actions  How to Program Responses and actions  (15|42)
26Wednesday Oct 12th, 2016 07:17 am
by wexfordman
in Counter value change not triggering response Go to last Post
New PostsComments, Suggestions & Feedback
Your feedback & comments, good and bad What would you like to see in Comfort?
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts Wishlist  Wishlist for new features in Comfort  (47|272)
   New Posts Wordlist  Suggested new words for the wordlist  (7|62)
93578Monday Sep 19th, 2016 07:58 am
by juwi_uk
in Automatic cclx backup Go to last Post
New PostsTraining
Comfort Training
3895Wednesday Sep 23rd, 2015 04:48 am
by bagushandhoko
in Programming Assistance Go to last Post
New PostsFAQs - Technical
Check here before asking Technical questions. Not for Posting
65254Sunday Oct 9th, 2016 05:46 am
by slychiu
in Partitions in Comfort - Case Study Go to last Post
New PostsFAQs - Users
FAQs regarding usage and features of Comfort. Not for posting
3376Thursday Jul 28th, 2016 12:05 pm
by slychiu
in Signing in to Comfort by Telephone Go to last Post
New PostsQuestions on Using Comfort
Need help on to do something in Comfort?
4051,950Wednesday Oct 12th, 2016 12:22 pm
by slychiu
in Activating Response by Dial in Go to last Post
New PostsQuestions on Installation and Connection
FAQs and Questions on installation, wiring and connections
41263Sunday Aug 14th, 2016 10:51 am
by The Old Scholar
in Risco Nova 6 bell box connection to SEM Go to last Post
New PostsQuestions on Programming Comfort
Support for programming issues
54252Friday Sep 30th, 2016 01:52 am
by slychiu
in Entry Alert status Go to last Post
New PostsProblems & Troubleshooting
Having Problems? Get help here
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts Firmware Upgrading Problems  Problems and questions relating to Upgrading Firmware  (46|382)
   New Posts Troubles  Zone Trouble, Phone Trouble, Battery Warning, Comms Failure etc  (115|785)
   New Posts Vocabulary Issues  Problems with Vocabulary, Missing Voice  (39|191)
   New Posts Responses and Actions  Help on Responses and Action codes  (35|202)
   New Posts Arming and Disarming  Arming & Disarming Security System  (36|182)
   New Posts Outputs  Troubleshooting of Outputs  (28|162)
   New Posts Dialing out and Auto-Answering  Troubleshooting Dialout and Answering  (40|220)
   New Posts Keypad  Troublehooting for Keypads  (61|364)
   New Posts Comfort I Issues  For support for the Comfort I Products  (36|181)
   New Posts Door Stations  Problems with Door Stations  (2|12)
2921,722Sunday Oct 23rd, 2016 05:35 pm
by wexfordman
in Heating control (I think its beaten me) Go to last Post
New PostsComfort as Fire Alarm
How to use Comfort for Fire Alarms
940Wednesday Nov 25th, 2015 01:22 pm
by johnlynch
in Recessed smoke alarm sensors Go to last Post
New PostsFirmware History
Firmware Revision History
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts Comfort Firmware  Comfort Firmware (Ultra, Optimum)  (63|358)
   New Posts Keypad Firmware  KP04, KP03 Firmware  (8|14)
   New Posts Slave Firmware  Slave (SEM) Firmware History  (17|54)
720Sunday Sep 11th, 2016 02:58 am
by slychiu
in Comfort Firmware 7.112 - 7.113 Go to last Post
New PostsTechnical Material
Comments, Announcements on User and Technical Manuals
2560Sunday Nov 9th, 2014 02:48 am
by slychiu
in Hookup Diagram for Comfort II Go to last Post
New PostsLogic Controllers
Logic Engine and UCM/Logic Controller without Alarm and Voice, for Automation applications
811Sunday Sep 11th, 2016 10:57 am
by slychiu
in New Logic Engine LGX01 Go to last Post
New PostsKP06/KP06A/KP04A Keypads
Questions, comments and support forum for the KP06, KP06A, KP04A Keypads
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts KP06 Firmware  KP06 Firmware History  (9|19)
17148Saturday Oct 15th, 2016 09:49 am
by slychiu
in Surface Mount Backbox for KP06A Go to last Post
New PostsIRIO
Intelligent RIO Automation
226Sunday Jul 17th, 2016 08:46 am
by slychiu
in IRIO Go to last Post
New PostsKT03 Touchscreen Keypad
KT03 Touchscreen Keypad
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts KT03 Firmware History  KT03 Firmware - listing of features and bug fixes  (19|38)
52208Sunday Oct 23rd, 2016 06:57 am
by slychiu
in Kto3 I'D and naming Go to last Post
New PostsTemperature Sensor
Temperature Sensor Modules and Functions
24Tuesday Sep 27th, 2016 05:06 am
by slychiu
in Surface Mount Backbox for TSM01 Go to last Post
New PostsUCM
UCM/Ethernet, UCM/USB, UCM/232
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts Ethernet UCM/ETH03  New UCM/ETH03  (39|264)
   New Posts UCM Firmware  UCM/232. UCM/USB, UCM/Ethernet firmware  (23|120)
   New Posts UCM Problems  Issues with UCMs (Universal Communications Modules)  (52|375)
   New Posts UCM/ETH01 & UCM/ETH02  UCM/ETH02, UCM/ETH01 issues These have been replaced by UCM/ETH03  (24|146)
71383Sunday Oct 16th, 2016 10:07 am
by Julian.Driver
in Upgrade to ETH03 problem Go to last Post
New PostsRelay/Automation Modules
Relay and Automation Modules
1262Saturday Sep 17th, 2016 01:34 am
by slychiu
in Location of RLY02 Go to last Post
New PostsExpansion Modules
1543Thursday Apr 7th, 2016 11:33 am
by slychiu
in Can I have clarification that I can connect a bellbox to an sep module Go to last Post
New PostsDoor Stations
Comfort Door Stations and accessories; DP03, DS01, DS02, DM02, RGR04
 Sub Forums: 
   No New Posts Door Station Problems  Problems with Door stations  (46|267)
50203Sunday May 22nd, 2016 02:10 am
by slychiu
in Comfort in apartment block Go to last Post
New PostsGSM Module
Comfort GSM Interface
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts UCM/GSM Firmware  UCM/GSM Firmare History  (13|24)
69359Wednesday May 18th, 2016 11:35 pm
by tman
in Sim card PAYG Go to last Post
New PostsScene Control Switches
Designer Scene switches with 4,6 and 8 buttons and Leds
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts SCS Firmware History  SCS Firmware History  (5|5)
23100Wednesday Oct 19th, 2016 07:07 am
by cgiltrow
in Control Menu temperature report Go to last Post
New PostsRIO
Remote Input/Output Module
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts RIO Firmware  RIO Firmware  (2|14)
1232Sunday Jan 17th, 2016 03:08 am
by admin
in RIO and IRD01 wiring and setup Go to last Post
New PostsComfort Webserver Module
Internet Access to Comfort (Comfort Webserver Module and others)
41188Thursday Sep 6th, 2012 07:38 am
by ident
in CWM Problem with Java 7 Go to last Post
New PostsKT01 Touchscreen Keypad
KT01 has been replaced by KT03
1775Monday Mar 7th, 2011 04:55 pm
by siamak
in How to display temperature on KT01? Go to last Post
Software Applications
New PostsiOS Apps
Comfort 2nd generation iOS apps for iPad and iPhone
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts Comfort iPad App (1st generation)  Comfort 1st generation iPad App  (10|83)
   New Posts Comfort iPhone App (1st generation)  Comfort 1st generation iPhone App  (54|474)
1471Monday Oct 3rd, 2016 04:13 am
by slychiu
in Comfort iOS App Screenshots Go to last Post
New PostsComfigurator
Comfigurator Software for programming Comfort
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts Comfigurator 2.X  Comfigurator version 2 (Now superseded by Comfigurator 3)  (51|313)
   New Posts Comfigurator 3.x Old Versions (Archive)  Older Versions of Comfigurator 3  (100|723)
57273Tuesday Sep 20th, 2016 12:05 pm
by slychiu
in Comfigurator 3.11.6 Go to last Post
New PostsComfort Android App
Android App for Comfort
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts Android Apps - 1st generation  Forum for the 1st generation android app for tablet and phones Now superseded by 2nd generation improved app  (13|161)
31214Monday Sep 26th, 2016 12:18 pm
by slychiu
in How to display On/off switch Icon with feedback status Go to last Post
New PostsComfortClient
ComfortClient Software by juwi_uk
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts Plug-in Development  A forum for ComfortClient Plug-in Development  (5|8)
   New Posts ComfortClient Plug-ins  Plug-ins forComfort Client  (9|34)
79510Wednesday Aug 10th, 2016 08:16 am
by juwi_uk
in Website Go to last Post
New PostsWizComfort
WizComfort User Interface Software
24131Friday Mar 20th, 2015 08:44 am
by slychiu
in program WizComfort Go to last Post
New PostsMisc Software Interfaces
Software, MCE, Homeseer etc
32216Friday Oct 21st, 2016 04:09 pm
by mattbrain
in Comfort UPNP <-> SmartThings <-> Amazon Echo Go to last Post
Third Party (interfacing to Comfort)
New PostsUniversal UCM
"Universal" UCM to interface to 3rd party products
37227Monday Jan 25th, 2016 01:32 am
by slychiu
in Universal UCM 7.065 Go to last Post
New PostsCBus
Comfort to C-Bus Interface
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts UCM/CBUS Problems  Problems regarding UCM/CBUS2 and UCM/Cbus  (10|120)
   New Posts UCM/CBUS Firmware  UCM/CBUS Firmware History  (16|41)
81478Wednesday Oct 19th, 2016 11:49 am
by slychiu
in Can C-bus use Comfort time only? Go to last Post
New PostsKNX (EIB)
Comfort to EIB/KNX Interface
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts KNX Support  Problems and Troubleshooting Assistance for KNX with Comfort  (27|172)
   New Posts UCM/KNX Firmware  UCM/KNX Firmware History  (9|42)
43170Thursday Oct 20th, 2016 12:10 pm
by slychiu
in Temperature from KNX Go to last Post
New PostsZwave
UCM Interface to Zwave
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts UCM/Zwave Firmware  UCM/Zwave Firmware History  (11|43)
99741Sunday Oct 23rd, 2016 03:16 am
by slychiu
in ZWave Hints and Tips Installation, Commisioning Go to last Post
New PostsSmart-House/Dupline
Smart House or Dupline by Carlo Gavazzi
928Saturday Oct 15th, 2016 10:28 am
by ashwinskumar
in What is the reason behind the growth of Home Automation System Market? Go to last Post
New PostsC-Bus to KNX Translator
Stand-alone C-Bus to KNX gateway
35Thursday Apr 7th, 2016 01:24 am
by slychiu
in Cbus to KNX Translator Go to last Post
New PostsVelbus
Comfort to Velbus Interface
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts UCM/Velbus Firmware  UCM Velbus firmware History  (11|14)
35170Sunday Feb 14th, 2016 02:41 am
by tech07
in Control actions not working in Velbus Go to last Post
New PostsHeatmiser
Heatmiser and other HVAC systems
40323Friday Oct 14th, 2016 06:24 pm
by palmlodge
in Heatmiser RS485 Go to last Post
New PostsULTI
Comfort to ULTI Interface
927Wednesday Dec 17th, 2014 08:34 am
by slychiu
in Ulti EZInstall3 (zigbee) Go to last Post
New PostsWireless Security
Wireless Security for Comfort
318Tuesday Aug 16th, 2016 10:28 am
by Tonia Bond
in Visonic Wireless Sensors and Receivers with Comfort Go to last Post
New PostsRemote Controls
Remote Controls for Comfort
23113Monday Apr 7th, 2014 08:21 pm
by cc_uk
in Daikin ARC452A3 Go to last Post
New PostsLighting Interfaces
Lutron, Dynalite, Rako, and other lighting Interfaces which do not have a dedicated UCM
23118Wednesday Sep 28th, 2016 07:38 am
by lwillerton
in Comfort to Control 4 Go to last Post
New PostsAccess Control
Access Control with Comfort
967Wednesday Oct 7th, 2009 10:27 am
by slychiu
in FPR DIP switch setting Go to last Post
New PostsMiscellaneous Interfaces
Misc 3rd Party Interfaces
 Sub Forums: 
   New Posts Companion  OBSOLETE  (11|35)
37205Wednesday Oct 12th, 2016 12:28 pm
by slychiu
in Wemo, possible? Go to last Post
New PostsX10
X10 Issues
30149Thursday Apr 30th, 2015 01:44 pm
by slychiu
in Bug in X10 Received Response for All Lights On and All Units Off Go to last Post
Comfort in Europe
New PostsCytech Media Coverage
Cytech/Comfort in the News
5771Thursday Oct 23rd, 2014 01:30 pm
by admin
in Write-up in Construction Review Online (Africa) Go to last Post
New PostsComfort Case Studies and Installations
Notable Comfort Installations
3147Wednesday Apr 24th, 2013 09:09 am
by ident
in "Croydons Brand New Smart Homes" Go to last Post
New PostsEvents / Diary
A place for events etc.
1522Wednesday Mar 28th, 2012 07:51 am
by ident
in National Self Build & Renovation Show Go to last Post
New PostsMiscellaneous UK Issues
32111Sunday Oct 23rd, 2016 01:18 pm
by slychiu
in Who are UK stockists of comfort Go to last Post
New PostsComfort Installers Forum
Installer News and announcements
1327Saturday Oct 4th, 2014 02:06 am
by slychiu
in Installers Listings Go to last Post
New PostsSecurity and Monitoring
New European/UK regulations, EN50131/ PD6662/ DD243
939Wednesday Jun 11th, 2014 01:32 pm
by slychiu
in Monitored alarms - an update Go to last Post
General HA Information
New PostsMiscellaneous
A place for non-Comfort topics, and links to other Home Automation or security related products or websites.
1246Saturday Oct 1st, 2016 10:42 am
by Swiss-Toni
in Now this is a nice keypad... Go to last Post
New PostsHA in the News
Industry news or articles
82109Saturday Oct 1st, 2016 01:25 am
by slychiu
in Global Home Automation System Market 2016: ABB Ltd, Crestron Electronics Inc, Cytech Technology Pte. Go to last Post
New PostsUser-created Responses, Applications, IR Codes
Upload any useful responses and applications IR codes ccls
532Sunday Sep 19th, 2010 10:03 pm
by hendy
in IR Codes Cannot be learned Go to last Post
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