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Programming the Control menu for the Comfort App
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 Posted: Wednesday May 13th, 2015 02:15 pm
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How to display the control icon in the Control Page of the Comfort  App

On/Off Button
The On/off button is most commonly used in control menu to switch ON/Off lights or other appliances.  To view an On/Off button in the control page, the programming in Comfigurator must satisfy the following conditions.
  1. In Comfigurator >> Control Menu, this item must have a valid  feedback type (eg Zone, Output, Flag, Counter). For example, if you are controlling a specific output, then this output should be the feedback. If you are controlling an air-con, the current sensor of this air-con is connected to input of comfort, then the input should be the feedback.
  2. The Actions in the control key should be 0 (for OFF) and 1 (for ON) only. DO NOT set 1 for OFF, 0 for ON as that will give the opposite feedback  state. Please see pictures below, "Picture 1+ Picture 2 = Picture 3"

If the device has a valid feedback in the control menu, but the actions consist of  more than 0 for off or 1 for ON, e.g. OFF, ON, Toggle, what you see in the App is picture 3 below, without the On/Off button. If you click the status "Off" for Lamp 1, you will see picture 4 showing the actions Off, On and Toggle

If the device does not have  feedback,  picture 3 below is what you see in the App. There is no feedback status, and "View Action" button is seen in its place. Once you
click "view Actions"you will see picture 4 below with a list of actions

Slider Bar
When you choose counter as the feedback and there is no action for the control key, ie no On, Off or other action, then a Slider Bar will appear in the App. The Slider Bar will change counter value from 0 to 255. Normally the Slider Bar is used for dimming. e.g. a dimmer is mapped to a counter in UCM/Cbus, so that the counter value will denote the dimming level 0 for 0%, 128 for 50% and 255 for 100%.


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