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ComfortServer 0.1
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 Posted: Sunday May 2nd, 2010 09:15 am
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Joined: Monday Jun 12th, 2006
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Hi Patrick,

The purpose of ComfortServer is to allow multiple ComfortClients to connect to one Comfort system through one UCM/Ethernet.

You dont have to use ComfortServer.  You can connect ComfortClient directly to Comfort, but you will only be able to connect one instance of ComfortClient at a time per UCM/Ethernet.

The first step is to get ComfortClient working directly with Comfort.  Once you have this working you have a connection between Comfort and ComfortClient.

Now, for ComfortServer, you connect ComfortServer to Comfort using exactly the same connection information you used to connect ComfortClient directly to Comfort.  This connection information is put into the config file as explined in the first post of this thread.  Remember to disconnect the ComfortClient before trying to connect the ComfortServer.

You can use Windows Services to check that the ComfortServer is running.

Once ComfortServer is running and connected, then you can connect multiple instances of ComfortClient to the ComfortServer.  To do this the Comfort settings in ComfortClient must be set to the IP address of the computer running ComfortServer and the Port address to 30000 (as in the example provided in the first post - the Server port can be changed).  Once connected, you use ComfortClient in exactly the same way as you would if it were connected directly to Comfort.


 Posted: Monday May 3rd, 2010 06:49 am
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Hi Clinton,

Thanks.  It is working now. 

I notice that when UCM/Ethernet is power off, ComfortServer cannot connect back again, I have to stop the ComfortServer service and restart again.  Can it be automatically reconnect when the power is resume?

And when the output is pulse at every 1 second, ComfortClient is not receive any update.  Please check.

Thank you.


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