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Execute Responses in Comfigurator
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 Posted: Thursday Nov 10th, 2011 06:05 am
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The "Execute Responses" function in Comfigurator is a useful way to test your responses that you have programmed. See the screenshot below to see where to find it, in Responses on the right pane.

Execute Responses will execute Responses in Comfort.
There are 2 ways in which Comfigurator does this

If the number of action codes is less than 20, then Comfigurator sends Do Action commands to Comfort corresponding to the actions in the Response. This does not reply on the Response  being written to Comfort.

However if the number of action codes is 20 or more, then a DO Response command is sent to Comfort. This requires that the Response must be written to Comfort before execution. In this case there wiill be a warning message
"Responses in this configuration  may not have been written to Comfort. Do you want to do this before writing to Comfort?"
This is to remind you to write to Comfort if you have not done so. Note that this message is seen regaedless of whether the Responses have previously been written to Comfort. If this was done before just ignore the warning and press NO

Do Actions in Comfigurator have a limit of 48 action code bytes but Do Response does not have a limit on Action codes

This ensures that Execute Responses will ALWAYS work because Comfigurator will always use the correct command to execute the Response dependind on the number of actions
If you get the warning message to write Responses and you are not sure just say yes, otherwise ignore the message

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 Posted: Thursday Nov 10th, 2011 09:43 am
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Useful explanation and explains that message - thanks!

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