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Control Tab
From the main Keypad page, press the Control Button to go into the Control Page

Here you will see the Control Groups (max 6) which have been programmed using Comfigurator, eg Lights, Heating, Aircons, Blinds

Each Control Group has a maximum of 10 Control Keys or appliances

eg Under the Lights Group, you may have Bedroom Lights, Living Room Lights, Study Lights etc, and in the Blinds Group there may be Dining Room blinds, TV Room Blinds, Bedroom Blinds etc.
The screenshot below shows the control keys within one of the groups eg Lighting
The real time state of the appliances are shown as ON (Green circle) or OFF (Red X), or in the case of dimming, as a number from 1 to 254

Note that if the jrlccip file has not been imported, the Control Page will be blank

It may take up to 20 seconds in a large system to update the initial status of the devices. The initial status is shown as a different gray icon with "wait" text as shown above. Once the real status is obtained it will change to the correct icon. This allows you to know when the status is updated

Any changes in the status of appliances or lights will be updated almost immediately

To control a device in the list, tap on the item
This will select the device and go to the next page of actions where you can select "On", "Off" or other commands that were programmed in the cclx file

The status of the device can be seen by pressing the back button

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