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Logging Out

To log out, go to the main Keypad page and press the wifi icon on the top left
A popup box will ask "Do you really want to log out?"
Press OK to confirm.

After log out, pressing the wifi icon again will bring you to the configuration page where you can select a system or select Internet or LAN connection

The app will log you out if it is idle for 2 minutes without any  commands sent to Comfort or any status changes from Comfort (depending on the setting of Connection Timeout in DS Manager). This is a security measure for protection against unauthorised usage in case someone gets hold of your phone which was already  logged in. A popup box will say "You have Been Logged out"

If you go to another app or to Home, this does not log you out (unlike the iPhone app)
You are only logged out by pressing the wifi icon or by idle time-out

Connection Problems
If the key is seen instead of the wifi symbol on the top left, it means that the app is not able to connect to Comfort. This may be because of the wrong IP address or port or the wring selection of Internet or LAN. Correct the settings accordingly and try again

If you always get the message "Connection Attempt In Progress, please wait"  and then "Cannot open connection to host", try force closing the application and try again

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