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The new version of Comfigurator has been released after much  testing. This can be downloaded from

There are many major improvements from the last version 3.5.6

Known Bugs
  1. In KT03  adding a clock element causes an exception
  2. Read from Comfort with the option "Auto-generate Names" will cause an exception. Workaround is to select Option "Keep Names from cclx fle"
  3. When the cursor is in the Modules Tab and the UCM connections in Options > settings is changed, the screen jumps back to the Comfort Tab although the Modules Tab is still selected
  4. Write to KT03 may not work in some situations This was a  bug fixed in 3.6.4  but it may still occur but less often. The I/O monitor shows RS4x where 4x is the ID of the KT03- still investigating
  5. Bus Monitor has exception in some circumstances and wrong messages about illegal commands are shown
  6. In KT03 selecting all buttons on a page and Copying may cause exceptions
  7. Minimising Comfigurator during a firmware upgrade prevents going bac to Comfigurator until the upgrade ends
  8. If firmware upgrade stops due to no reply from Comfort, a dialog contiinue from last address appears, but if UCM/ETH02 is used, and connetion is lost, Comfigurator does not try to reconnnect before continuing the upgrade
  9. KT03 schedules - If Days of the week are checked the file saved and reopened, the days of week become unchecked. This is a problem with older versions as well
  10. Selective Write does not select Control Menu when Responses change which are assigned to the Control Menu. To workaround, please use Full WRITE. This may be a bug from older versions
The changes from 3.5.6 version are;

UCM Connection
The selection of UCM Connection has been further improved. Go to Options > Settings. The Saved Connection Settings are now here (instead of Configuration > System Information). If "Override Saved Connection Settings" is unchecked the Saved Connection settings for Local Network and Remote Network are shown. The saved connection settings are saved in the cclx file which is useful when UCM/Ethernet is used for Local and Remote connections. The saved connection settings for Local and Internet IP address and Port are exported to iPhone and Android apps

The actual connection setting is displayed in the Status bar at the bottom

The difference from 3.5 is that the Saved Connection settings are not entered in Configuration > System Information which is only shows the Connection settings (Read Only).

Modules Tab
Changes described in a later post

Changing IDs for Module Firmware version 7
Modules with firmware version 7 can have their IDs changed by dragging and dropping the IDs on the Modules Tab. This changes the IDs of 2 modules, eg UCM #1 can be dragged to UCM #2 position which causes the two modules at ID1 and 2 to swap their IDs

Sunrise/Sunset Times
The date of  Monday of each week is shown so it is easier to know which week is current

New Actions
Reset Module action 118 resets the module at specified ID (firmware 5.222)
Save to Event Log Action 119 saves to Event Log - can be used to save any event to the event log

Log in /Log Out
Comfigurator does not log out automatically after any operation which cause it to log in eg Write, Read, Execute, Scan etc. This allows information in Monitor I/O to be seen after certain actions

Check for Comfigurator Update
Comfigurator will check automatically for a new version every time it is started and gives an option to upgrade the software

Also, in Help Check for Update will update Comfigurator if a new version is available.

Firmware Upgrades
The method for Firmware upgrades has been simplified and improved. See the next post for details

KT03 Default Template
When a new KT03 is added, the kt03 default template kt03def.kt3x is loaded automatically instead of blank pages

IR Leaner
For ETH02, Increased buffer size to handle long IR codes or due to IR button pressed to long, so that this does not case an exception. Do NOT press and hold the IR button when learning IR codes

Bus Monitor
  • Bus Monitor will use the current UCM Connection Setting depending on whether Saved Connection Settings or Override Saved Connection settings is selected
  • Fixed bug Bus Monitor  changed the working folder for Comfigurator when a bus log is saved
  • Fixed Bug Bus Monitor exception when 2 modules have the same ID
  • New RS485 commands are support
  • Errors due to collision of messages are handled better
UCM Configurator changes
  • Zwave
  • Universal UCM
  • Velbus
Bugs Fixed
  1. Velbus unknown module causes cannot write to Comfort error
  2. Response numbers > max causes Alarm Type names to have FF in front so SMS alarm Names are blank
  3. When Bus Monitor file is saved, it changes the working folder for comfigurator and exception will occur when going back to Comfigurator
  4. Bus Monitor has exception when running Bus Analyse with 2 modules having the same IDs
  5. During Firmware Upgrade by Bus, UBF6 error message did not end the upgrade operation.
  6. DAC5 send command in Zwave does not use escape character 15
  7. Virtual Inputs for KNX cannot select zones 65 to 96 created in old version
  8. Setting Zone Types to Null in Security > Zones caused Zone Type (0) to be displayed. Not a real problem but has been fixed

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