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Modules Tab and Scanning for Modules

The Modules Tab has a number of enhancements in the way the information is presented, making use of different colours for modules status

GREY: Indicates that the module has not been found by Scanning yet, eg when the file has just been opened
BLACK: Indicates that the module has been discovered by scanning
RED: Means that the module has not been discovered by a module Scan
GREEN: Modules that have their ID changed but before the modules are reset  to activate the ID change. This applies to modules with firmware version 7 and above
BLUE: After scanning, a new module has been discovered but the number of Modules has not been written to Comfort yet so Comfort does not know about the new module ID

If a file has been opened with existing modules before a module scan has been done, the modules are shown in Gray

Scanning for Modules is done by Right-clicking on Modules and selecting Scan for all  Modules. This will discover all the modules that are connected to Comfort, which have their IDs set correctly without having duplicate IDs with other modules of the same type

Note that Modules discovered by the scanning may not be recognised by Comfort. In order for Comfort to recognise and poll for the new module, select "Write Modules and Settings to Comfort" as shown above (by right click)

After the scan, the modules will be in black

If a module in the configuration is NOT found by the scan, it will be shown in RED

The Status column in the middle pane also shows information like Scanned, Not Scanned, or Not Found

Hence if a module has been removed from the network perhaps temporarily, and thus was not found during the scan, it is not deleted but is shown in red. If the module was a KT03 or UCM/KNX where many hours of  programming work has been put in, the absence of the module during scanning will not cause the module with all its properties to disappear. It remains in the file and is not lost.

If you really want to delete the  module, then right click on it and select Delete Module.  However it is not possible to delete a module that is referenced by Responses or other elements.

There are also improvements  in the handling of modules that have changed IDs

Modules may have their IDs changed manually due to rearrangement or reconfiguration
If a Scan for modules finds that a module say UCM/KNX, has changed IDs say from ID 2 to ID 5 since the last saved configuration, Comfigurator will assign the module properties to the new ID. Hence the  KNX configuration that has been programmed will not be lost.

If there is an additional module of the same type compared to original configuration, the new module will have a blank configuration eg UCM/Zwave or UCM/Universal.

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