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 Posted: Tuesday Jan 22nd, 2013 08:19 am
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Firmware Upgrades

After scanning for Modules, the latest firmware for each module will be shown so you do not have to check for updates for every module like in 3.6.0

The Latest Version is shown next to the Current version as shown in the above screenshot.
Note that the screenshot shows some "Current" versions as higher than "latest" versions (eg GSM) because of beta firmware that have been installed.

Firmware Upgrades can now be done by checking for updates over the Internet (applies to modules with  firmware version 6 and above)

This is done in the Modules Tab. Right click on the desired module

Select "Check for Firmware Updates"
If the firmware of the module is lower than the current firmware on the Cytech server, the firmware wil be upgraded. After confirmation that the firmware should be upgraded, the progress bar will be seen

The Firmware can also be upgraded from a local file if you have already downloaded the cbf file from the Cytech Server at

To do this, select "Upgrade Firmware from Local File" after right clicking on the module as shown in the first screenshot above. Then browse to the location of the file

Unlike the previous Comfigurator versions, you do not have to specify whether the firmware upgrade is "By Direct Connection to PC" or by "Comfort Bus" Comfigurator will know what method to use.

In Comfigurator 3.6.x, Transfer > Upgrade, the only option is Upgrade Firmware by Programming Cable

The other options "By Direct Connection" and "By Comfort Bus" have been removed as they are replaced by the new method of right clicking on the module

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