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 Posted: Wednesday Jan 23rd, 2013 03:31 am
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Home wrote: This is all great news thanks

We have carried out and continue to carry out services and upgrades additions etc to C1 boards and associated equipment.

I suspect that the C1 firmware is unable to provide any information about the status or version of individual components _ BUT i have noticed that when converting ccl files to .cclx that the number of modules etc NEVER translates correctly ( well at all !) so basically I import a ccl file - I get a message saying modules incompatible or similar then have to add the correct number of modules (which can be found from the modules and setting page) and save file.

The message you get after you convert to cclx is
"The Modules in Modules tab does not correspond to the modules in Configuration > Modules and Settings"

This is a warning means that you have not done a Scan for Modules
It is not an error in translation of the file or an error in comfigurator

For Comfort 1, you can still scan for Modules. The information about Firmware number is not available but the presence of the modules can be discovered

After you scan for modules, the number of modules in Modules and Settings will be updated and you will no longer get this message

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