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 Posted: Tuesday Apr 16th, 2013 11:37 am
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I'm working on a new maintenance release at the moment so if anyone want's any minor fixes/features then please let me know.

In the meantime the main feature of this build so far is the re-introduction of animated GIF's; remember we lost these (I like to think it went away on a long vacation!! :)) when I switched to the new rendering engine.

Other changes so far include:

Bug Fixes/Changes
• The panel in the Menu bar that toggles Keypad & ControlPad visibility now moves when the splitter distance is changed such that it always centres with the Keypad. Other toolbars such as the browser control keys (when visible) also move accordingly.
• Update Checker would cause an exception if the update site could not be contacted. Improved Timeout logic when no network connectivity; set to 5 seconds.
• Changed the format of the keep-alive packet(s) sent on TCP network connection.
• The “NA” response is now not written to the “Unhandled” log file.
• The Smartfit Counter mapping configuration is moved from the main configuration menu to the Smartfit Tab on the ControlPad. The Smartfit Tab will hide if no UCM/Smartfit hardware is found. This simplifies the support for this old legacy discontinued UCM as now all configuration is kept in one location.
• Exit from the Smartfit Counter Mappings form does not now execute a refresh cycle unless the counter mappings have been changed.
• The default Window Tab Activity icons have now been updated.
• Keypad/ControlPad toggle saved state may not processed correctly on start-up.

New Features
• Animated Picture files (multi-frame images i.e. GIFs) are now supported in ComfortClient. In FloorplanEditor the images are static on the Floorplan but animated in Object Properties.
• Basic support for “SS” report; it no longer shows as an unhandled decode. The status is decoded to a number but currently not the textual description (which can be manually looked up in the idstatus.cfg file) given mostly these are generated by design changes in Comfigurator only.
• The Window Tab Activity icons can now be changed.



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