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It is now very easy to do Firmware upgrades with Comfigurator 3.6.8 and above.

It is not necessary to upgrade firmware if the Comfort system is running well, and there are no new features or modules to be added. Do Upgrade the firmware if this is a new system which has not been installed or has just been installed, or new featiures are being added to an existing system, or to clear up bugs in old firmware

You will need a UCM/USB,  or UCM/ETH03 to do a firmware upgrade.
Note that UCM/ETH02 cannot do the upgrade described here. UCM/ETH02 can be used to do Firmware upgrade by UCM Firmware Upgrading cable

After scanning for Modules described in, the current and latest firmware for each module will be shown as in the screenshot below

The Latest Version is shown next to the Current version as shown in the above screenshot.
Note that the screenshot shows some "Current" versions as higher than "latest" versions (eg GSM) because of beta firmware that have been installed in the example screenshot.

Firmware Upgrades can now be done by checking for updates over the Internet
The minimum firmware to support this function are
UCM firmware
Comfort Firmware
Other UCMs eg KNX, Cbus version
Slaves version
Keypads version

Comfort firmware and UCM firmware are required to upgrade other modules using this method. Hence Upgrade UCM and Comfigurator to before other modules

Firmware version 5.XXX can only be upgraded using the UCM Firmware programming cable, see the next post

Upgrading firmware is done in the Modules Tab. Right click on the desired module

Select "Check for Firmware Updates" (This is possible after a Scan for modules)
If the firmware of the module is lower than the current firmware on the Cytech server, the firmware will be upgraded.
You will be asked to Press F 0 on the Comfort keypad (NOT the computer keyboard). This means press the F button followed by the 0 button on the Comfort keypad.
After confirmation that the firmware should be upgraded, the progress bar will be seen


From Comfigurator 3.8.6, select "Download Firmware Upgrade" to download the latest firmware from the Cytech Server without upgrading the firmware. This downloads to the Comfigurator > Firmware folder by default. This is useful when the customer site does not have internet access. You can download the upgrade at the office and do the upgrade at site.

Use the selection "Upgrade firmware from Local File" to upgrade the firmware from the downloaded file.

You can also download beta firmware for testing the Cytech Server at
This is normally for upgrading to beta or unreleased firmware or for downgrading to older firmware and is not recommended for normal firmware upgrades.

Unlike the previous Comfigurator versions, you do not have to specify whether the firmware upgrade is "By Direct Connection to PC" or by "Comfort Bus" Comfigurator will know what method to use.

It is recommended that firmware be upgraded to the latest version when the system is delivered

Common problems with firmware upgrades can be found at

If the firmware upgrade fails for any reason, immediately attempt the firmware upgrade again.  The firmware upgrade must be repeated using the same connection as the first attempt. Do NOT switch off or unplug the module to be upgraded

For example if you are upgrading a KT03 by its USB port and the first attempt fails, you must repeat the upgrade via the same KT03 US port and not connect by another UCM. If you are upgrading a UCM/USB or UCM/ETHernet  by connecting via another UCM, then the repeat attempt must be by the same connection and not by connecting  direct to the UCM being upgraded

DO NOT RESET or unplug  the module that you are upgrading, otherwise the firmware cannot be upgraded. If this happens use the UCM Firmware upgrading cable method to upgrade the module, see for upgrading Comfort II and for upgrading other modules by UCM firmware programming cable

If the firmware upgrade stops due to a lost connection (especially using UCM/Ethernet due to network problems), there will be a message box
 "Firmware Upgrade Timed out, Continue from Last Address?"

Press Yes to continue the upgrade from the last address to avoid repeating the whole upgrade again
If you press No then you must do the firmware upgrade again

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