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The Login screen is shown below

Take note of the text "Connected" below the setup and log-in buttons
"Connected" means that the app is able to connect to the UCM/ETH.
The profile selected is also shown below

The app version (2.1 in this case) is shown at bottom right

The buttons Local1, Local 2, Remote1, Remote 2 can be selected.
If the connection cannot be made (probably because of IP or port incorrect, or if thereis already an active cnnection), the  button is not selected and the Login circle is greyed out. "Port is not available" will pop-up.The status will be "connecting.." or "not connected"
If it is connected the button is filled in (dark) as shown in Local1" above. "Connected" status will be seen.

UCM/ETH03 supports 2 ports for simultaneous connection, but only 1 connection can use each port at a time.

Press the Login button
If the user code has been entered into the Setup, the app will automatically log in. If the User code is not entered or has been removed then you will need to enter a user code

This is the Dashboard which is the landing pa

"Active" and "Inactive " are the state of the zones ie doors, windows and sensors
Scroll to the left to show the Dashboard

The Dashboard  shows Trouble conditions if any, otherwise the tick means all is well. If there are any trouble conditions, a red bar will open below one of the categories. The Zones states are seen in the centre. Scroll to the right to see  the  Alerts swcreen which shows any alarm conditions which are active

Press the Security symbol on the top of the  page to arm or disarm

Select Away, Night Day or Vacation to arm the system to the selected mode.

If there are any open zones when arming, these are displayes. You can choose to cancel the arming or to force arm and auto bypass the open zones.

When you select "Security Off" to disarm the security system, you will be required to enter the users security code

In the above screen you can see the SMS sent using the UCM/GSM4

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