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 Posted: Tuesday Sep 16th, 2014 06:01 am
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In the DM02 manual, on page 9 it shows the connections to the PL11P module... the diagram shows 11 connections, specified as: "P, C, 4, 3, 2, 1, A, -, H, V, M" I see it notes that "H, V, M" are for PL41 only, so I don't care about those as I don't have the video model...
yes please ignore the unused pins

MY PL11P doorstation module has 10 termination points in 2 banks of 5, which are labelled: "1, 2, 3, 4, L+" on one bank, and: "A, -, C, P1, P2" on the other bank. Also I notice that P2 is the label engraved into the plastic casing, but on the removable terminal block that point is labelled as "." (i.e. just a dot). The DM02 manual doesn't specify "P1" or "P2" (aka dot) at all, it only specifies "P" - so which do I use? - I am assuming "P1" since that is adjacent to the "C" terminal, and I see those two are the BELL/GND lines for the pushbutton.. is that correct?
L+, P2 and . (dot) are not used

Finally the module also has a short captive flylead emerging from one end with one red & one black wire terminating in a wee plug... I'm assuming this is only for joining to other farfisa button modules? and I guess I don't need it at all and can leave it disconnected inside the backbox?

you mean the red and black wires shown in the picture?
That is not a "wee plug", it is  the microphone. It should be mounted in a little slot on the bottom of the housing. It is separated from the main housing which has the speaker to prevent howling

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