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Phone Numbers
To program the telephone numbers to dial out when alarms occur, go to Alarms > Phone Numbers. Up to 8 telephone numbers can be programmed. Each alarm type can select any combination of the 8 numbers to dial out to.

Select one of the 8 telephone numbers to change the settings on the right pane

Phone Types
The drop-down list  shows the phone types that can be assigned;
  • None (no dialout),
  • Voice - dial to mobile or landline phones and announce alarm information.
  • Pager (No longer used)
  • CMS (Central Monitoring Station) for alarm monitoring. For phones 1 and 2 only.
  • SMS. The SMS Phone Type is only applicable if the UCM/GSM Module is installed. This sends a SMS message to a GSM mobile phone.
Only Phones 1 and 2 can be assigned to CMS (Central Monitoring Station) Phone Type. If the system is not required to dial to CMS, phones and 1 and 2 may be  assigned to the other phone types.  There is a programmable delay of default 3 minutes after a kissoff from a Monitoring Station in an alarm state before the other phone numbers are dialed, to allow time for the Central Station to call the premises to verify the alarm.

Once phone 1 or 2 is set to a Monitoring Station, the user will not be able to change the phone setting to other phone types or make any other changes to the programmed phone in the Program Menu.

Phones 3 to 8 can be assigned to Voice Phone or  SMS, but not CMS.  The possibility of assigning two CMS numbers allows for one of them to be a backup number in case the first number is unavailable.

Phone Number
Enter the telephone number, up to 20 digits.

Allow SMS..
The fields "Allow SMS Control", "Allow SMS Arm", "Allow SMS Disarm" appear only when UCM/GSM4 is present  in the configuration. These are permissions for the Mobile phones to access the stated functions by SMS.

Initiate Dial Test
The "Initiate Dial Test" button starts a dial test to dial to all the programmed phone numbers according to the Phone Type. The dialing tones and progress tones are heard on the selected Keypad, ie keypad 1 in this screenshot
Note on Dialout Grouping
The 8 phone numbers are divided into 2 dial out groups. These are phones 1 and 2 in the first (Monitoring station group) and phones 3 to 8 (Normal phones group). In the normal phones group, a valid sign-in from a Voice Station will stop further dial outs in that group. In the Monitoring Stations group, a kissoff from a Monitoring Station or a valid sign-in from a Voice Phone will stop further dial outs in the group.  If the called Voice Phone acknowledges the dialout by pressing # instead of signing in, this does not end dialouts to the whole group - it stops further dialouts to that number only. Similarly, dial outs to Pagers do not stop dial outs to other phones, but end dial outs only to that particular number. The sequence of dial outs is from phone 1 to 8. If a dial out is not acknowledged or if the called number is busy or does not answer, the system dials to the next number in the list, and returns to the failed number in the next cycle.
This organization of phones into 2 Dialout groupings provides maximum flexibility in the management of dialouts.

----------------------------------For Dial-out delay after CMS, please read this post

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