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Cytech's new UCM/Modbus allows Modbus devices to be interfaced to Cytech's Comfort system. The UCM/Modbus can be programmed as Client/Master or Server/Slave on  Modbus. Master mode is for Comfort to control other Modbus Slave products, and Slave mode is for  other Modbus devices and software to control Comfort. Both modes are capable of 2- way communications, ie Comfort to Modbus and Modbus to Comfort

Modbus over RS485 (Modbus/RTU) and Modbus over IP are possible by plugging in the RS485 or ETH03 Ethernet submodule onto the UCM/Modbus baseboard.
The UCM/Modbus can work with other Comfort modules including Intelligent  Remote Input/Output Modules (IRIO), Temperature Sensor Module (TSM01), Hotel I/O (HIO) as well as 3rd party systems on the Comfort Bus including C-Bus, KNX etcPlease visit the UCM/Modbus website at

  • Configurable as Master or Slave  on Modbus
  • Implements Modbus/RTU by RS485  and Modbus/TCP using plug in sub-modules RS485 or ETH03 respectively. RS232 is also possible for Modbus RTU
  • Comfort (CM9000), UCM/Logic, LGX01 Logic Engine can act as the central controller for UCM/Modbus
  • In /Master Mode: 256 Modbus addresses in Modbus to Comfort
  • For Modbus/RTU, baud rate selectable from 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 76800 bps. Parity None, Even or Odd
  • As  Modbus Master, Comfort Counters, Flags, Sensors, Inputs, Outputs, security commands and alarm conditions can be accessed (read/write) by a Modbus Master
  • As Modbus Slave, Comfort Counters, Flags, Sensors, Inputs, Outputs, Alarm conditions can be accessed via Modbus Registers
  • Modbus Monitor mode shows the receive abd transmit communications between UCM/Modbus and Modbus. It works for RTU and TCP interfaces, as well as Master and Slave
Minimum System Requirements
  • Comfort Ultra/OPT or UCM/Logic or LGX01 Firmware 7.116 or above can act as controllers.
  • UCM/Modbus firmware 7.103 or above
  • Comfigurator 3.11.12 or above
Part Numbers
  • UCM/Modbus-485 with Rs485 Interface
  • UCM/Modbus-ETH with Ethernet Interface
The UCM/Modbus manual and Firmware can be downloaded from

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