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 Posted: Tuesday Jun 13th, 2017 05:03 pm
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ETH03 firmware 2.20 has a bug when UCM/ETH03 is used to Upgrade Vocabulary. The Vocab upgrade gets stuck at arounn 9%.
UCM Monitor IO will show as below;

> VL48C0202431175358AA5F8B26995213F62CAA2856F4E567835BCA905E8B16A472AFD9E4C6
< OK
> VL48E02075F1A2AA42CB2BD1DC345F9016A58E35579BCE9AE495C4C886C0664A5FA426A959
< OK
> VL490020862DD74D42132B69292C73556CED5C26278D5CD1197B9E00A114E013AAF204AADA
< OK
> VL492020654CF09EAA4F7824320B4A67B05D794F48E2594B52A36CF1779C3263554F41DB58
< OK
> VL494020A4AD3457729E7258C98E487C2E49F2DB51EA39C181EE6AD170845570C8640DF67B
< NA
> LI
< LU00

 Please upgrade ETH03 firmware to 2.23

see for how to upgrade ETH03 firmware

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