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 Posted: Thursday Jul 6th, 2017 05:19 pm
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Hi - things are progressing!  I received a replacement zwave UCM today and fitted it.  I did as you suggested and did a learn. Things appear to be working.  Now when I go to Exit Comfigurator it tells me the info has changed and do I want to write to the Eprom. I say yes and get a message, 'The HomeID & Node ID in the EEPROM differ from the values in the configuration = please read the EEPROM.  I read from the EEPROM and now have only the Primary controller listed. I exited Comfigurator without saving anything and reloaded.  Should I write to the EEPROM rather than read?
Also when I did the 'Learn' the primary controller found the new interface but Comfort didn't seem to learn anything. The command I used on the PC was 'Send Network Information to another Controller'.
The newly registered Cytech Controller is not appearing in the z-wave mappings.

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