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 Posted: Friday Jul 7th, 2017 10:42 am
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When you create Virtual Nodes in UCM/Zwave, these appear to the primary controller as "real" zwave nodes. They are virtual in the sense that they are in UCM/Zwave, but the Primary controller does not know that - it appears as normal zwave nodes

When you remove the UCM/Zwave without excluding the zwave nodes from the primaryt controller, the controller thinks that the nodes are still there, so they become dead nodes

When you add a new  UCM/Zwave, it wil learn the zweave network from the primary, and this will include the previous "virtual nodes" as normal nodes even though they do not exsti anymore. You need to add the virtual nodes again in UCM/Zwave and ignore the dead nodes

Alternatively, use the primary to reset to default and also reset to default all the zwave  nodes and start again. This may be a pain but it is the way Zwave works. If you are using all wave from a single manufacturer eg Fibaro they may have an easier way to manage it, but if there are other devices it can be nmore complicated

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