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 Posted: Wednesday Aug 29th, 2018 09:28 am
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I have a set of curtains controlled by a Cbus Shutter Relay (L5501RBCP). I can control this by means of the two following Responses.
CloseCurtains - Cbus Off UCNBus 54 ! Close Curtains
OpenCurtains - Cbus On UCNBus 54 ! Open Curtains
These Responses operate the curtains if executed from the .cclx file or by means of Time Programs set  up in the Scedule Section
I also set up a further Response to test the Sunset operation as follows
NightCurtainClos - If Night Time <> 0 Then
Do CloseCurtains ! Close Curtains
End If
This Response can be executed from the .cclx file at times after the local Sunset time as in the Schedule Section but will not close the curtains automatically.
Is there something fundamental I am doing wrongly

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