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 Posted: Sunday Sep 30th, 2018 09:22 am
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The Dimmer level can be programmed by using the feedback as a Counter Register which is mapped to a Cbus group address
eg if Lighting group 5 is mapped to Comfort Counter 2, then in Control Menu set Feedback as Counter 2.

The cbus group address value will be sent to the mapped counter as it changes, hence the counter will give the level from 0 to 255
Ij order to see a slider in the Comfort app, leave the actions 0,1 2 etc blanklk, ie do nto assign any actionsThis allows you to see the slider value 0 to 255 and to change the slider value by sliding or by entering a value by keyboard
Scenes are also mapped to counters. The counter value can be seen on the app.hence the counter will be the last scene activated. However I dont know how useful this is because individual lights can be controlled after a scene is sent, so the last scene may not be represenative of the current condition

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