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 Posted: Tuesday Dec 11th, 2018 03:36 am
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Mr Chiu,
I am trying to set up the project : Switch on a light when movement is detected at night as per above link example 1.4. ( This example used OP5, I changed the programming from OP5 to OP3)
I tested the circuit as per your suggestion, Unfortunately it didn’t work. Then, I reconnected the Relay power supply directly to Comfort panel, which is DC+ to 12V between OP3 and OP4. The DC- to COM between S12V and 12V. With DC+ and DC- connected, the Relay green LED on indicate power on.

When I connected the Relay Input IN3 to Comfort OP3, the Relay immediately activated and the light connected to the Relay output was lighted up. The Relay activated without the PIR being activated. Furthermore, the Relay continued activated and failed to switch off despite this project Response is programmed to 5 minutes.

When I disconnected the IN3 cable from Relay to OP3, the Relay deactivated, but the Relay remained power on. When I reconnected the IN3 cable to OP3, the Relay activated again, light on and failed to switch off. Despite PIR is not even activated.
I also tested the above based on Zone type 5 and 24. Same result. Zone type 8 ( despite the example used zone type 8) cannot be used as it caused F32 to announce the zone.
Would appreciate if you could help to address my problem.

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