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 Posted: Tuesday Dec 11th, 2018 12:56 pm
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David, break it down into two parts: the comfort config, and relay wiring.

To check you have got the comfort output switching properly you can stick a meter between the output and 0v, or better still an led between 12v and the output with a resistor to current limit it.
That will prove you have the output switching on when you want it to.
If you are using Comfigurator you can actually watch the output status change, so you can see if it is on or off easily.

Wiring wise, The relay board you are using has configurable switch inputs using the jumpers. Have you got them set for triggering high or low ?
Will it accept an open collector 'input', and does it have an integral pull-up resistor to pull the input high itself, or does it need an external one.

I would test it as follows:
This assumes using 3rd relay/channel being used.

Mains side: live feed to 'comm3', output to light to 'NO3' (normally open).

DC Side: DC+ to positive supply, DC- to negative supply.

With nothing connected to the input, turn the DC power on. Does the relay close or not ?
Ideally it shouldn't do.

Set the jumper to trigger low.
Connect a wire to 'IN3' and connect it to DC-. This should turn the output on. If it has internal pull-ups when you disconnect the wire from DC- it should turn off. If you find this doesn't happen reliably it probably means the input is floating (no pull-up) and needs say a 10k ohm resistor between IN3 and DC+ to pull it high.

To connect to the comfort panel:
DC+ to positive supply (12v on comfort pcb), DC- to negative supply (comm next to it).
Comfort OP3 to the relay board IP3.

I hope that is of some help.

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