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 Posted: Wednesday Dec 12th, 2018 03:03 am
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Hi John,

Thank you for your response.
My wiring circuit is exactly what you suggested. I also did the test you suggested i.e connect and disconnect IN3 with DC-, the Relay was activated and deactivated accordingly. It concluded that Relay is working perfectly.
Objective: Comfort turn on light ( connected to OP3) if the time is between 7 pm to 6am. The light will be turned off after 5 minutes if no further movement is detected. Similar to the example 1.4 of application manual. Refer the link above.

I had actually at the next stage of the problem. I have wired my PIR to zone 17 with zone type 24 with Response 45 On.

Response 45 action codes are as follow:-
73, 3, 69, 19, 70, 6, 193, 74, 5, 194, 1, 1, 44, 6, 255.
To test it, I changed my Comfort system time to 8pm. When I walked past the PIR, the PIR activated the relay and the light switched on. The problem is, the Relay and of course the light would not deactivated or switches off after 5 minutes.

I changed Response 45 5 minutes interval time to 5 seconds with Action Code 73, 3, 69, 19, 70, 6, 193, 74, 5, 194, 1, 0, 5, 6, 255. Similar result as above. It can only be turned off when I reset the Comfort system reset button. It appaeared that Response 6 to turn off Output 3 is not activated. When I measured the volatage across DC+ and IN3, the voltage remain 12V.

I am using Comfort 2 system whereas the example in 1.4 of Application.manual is for Comfort 1. Not sure they are compatible. I read in Action Codes manual page 60, couldn’t find any issue so far.

Would appreciate your help.

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