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 Posted: Sunday May 19th, 2019 09:17 am
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Bus Translator Configurator 1.1.2
  1. In KNX to Cbus Tab, Cbus addresses in the same application can be duplicated on different rows provided the KNX object in the rows have different types, eg KNX 0/0/1 1-bit and 0/3/1 scaling can be mapped to the same Cbus lighting address.
  2. In Cbus to KNX Tab, Cbus Group Addresses in the same Application can be duplicated if they are mapped to different KNX Address Types. eg if the 1st entry in Cbus to KNX is Lighting Group Address 1 mapped to KNX telegram type on/off, you can add another mapping of Lighting group Address 1 to KNX Type Scaling (but not to  another KNX On/Off Telegram type).
BUG caused by No 2 above. In C-Bus to KNX, if a CBus in eg Lighting Group address is mapped to a KNX Telegram Type, the same C-Bus Group address in another application cannot be mapped to the same  KNX Telegram Type

Please revert to 1.1.0 if you use the same cbus group addresses in different applications

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