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 Posted: Tuesday Nov 19th, 2019 06:53 pm
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Having trouble getting Velbus Learn request to work. Comfort firmware is 7.160, Velbus UCM module firmware is 7.117. 4 UCMs listed in my setup per Pic1 attached. Velbus UCM has ID of 4 in the software but when I looked at the dip switches it was set Off-Off-On-Off, so I changed it per the manual to Off-Off-On-On and hit the SW1 button to reset.
When I click the Learn button I get a delay and then a "No response to Learn request" error (will post this in Pic2 in separate post) - error was there before I went and changed the dip switches, so no change from that.
Any ideas what I might be doing wrong? 
My Velbus installation does have 4-button LED panels and also the new edgelit panels, and also a weather station and blind relays in addition to various standard dimmers and relays, just in case that may cause an issue with the firmware. 

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