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 Posted: Saturday May 9th, 2020 04:04 am
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That's what I thought and tried with no success (at least viewable success).There is a pair of LEDs (5) on OcBridge that shows if OcBridge is "armed" or "disarmed".
The difference on the Comfort output is 0v when set to ON and 2,75v when set to OFF which "seems" not not be enough to make a difference for Ocbridge.
The "IN" input on OcBridge is like a regular Zone Input on Comfort.I can even set its working as either NC or NO.
If I select "IN" behavior as NC or NO without any input on "IN" I can see the effect on OcBridge - it gets default armed or disarmed depending on selecting NC or NO.
I tried both with Comfort, but never got any reaction to the change (ON-OFF or OFF-ON) in Comfort Output connected to "IN"     

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