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 Posted: Sunday May 10th, 2020 04:26 pm
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No, it seems I do not need higher voltage values to drive IN, but the exact opposite.
"That means that when the Output is ON it gfoes to 0V"
This is were I have a problem: Output ON does not go to 0v - it scores around 0.73 to 0.78v. (this value is measured even without anything connected to OUTPUT1 - open)
It's funny because if I measure Output OFF is scores between 0.08v to 0.10v (open) and if I connect it to IN it assumes 2,58v as I would expect.But this is not the problem.
I found that to activate IN I really need the value of the OUTPUT1 to go close to 0V (0,75 is not enough).(If I shunt IN to COM I get that reaction !!!)
I also found that the variation values of OcBridge Zones outputs (that connect to Comfort input zones) are of the range 0V (closed) to 1.13V (open) (for a NC zone).
So I guess similar values are expected from Comfort OUTPUT1 to control IN input on OcBridge. 
I cannot explain why OUTPUT1 goes to 0.75 and not to 0V on ON activation (as it should, right?)
(As a clarification, I also tested other OUTPUTs with the same values and behaviour, so it is not a problem with just OUTPUT1)
Help much appreciated.

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