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 Posted: Wednesday Jun 17th, 2020 06:31 pm
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Hi Chiu,
I have now Phase I of my new system working normally for about 1 month.
Phase I means a basic transition from Comfort I, still without X10 (to think about ...) and a mix Visonic wireless and AJAX wireless security sensors.The AJAX part was motivated by the Visonic stopping selling MCR308 and MCX.But I still have almost 30 Visonic sensors (PIR and MAG) working perfectly so my plan is to slowly decomission them as soon as they fail (and crossing fingers for MCR308 longevity), and replace them by the new supplier solution AJAX

My current AJAX set is composed of:
  • 1 x OcBridge Plus
  • 2 x MotionProtect (PIR)
  • 2 x DoorProtect (MAG)
I also connected the 4x "Ocbridge Service Zones" (T,S,B,J) (similar to Visonic's) to Comfort zones for monitoring of the AJAX sensors status.
And connected one Comfort output to RLY01H and this to the "IN" as described in to take advantage of spared sensors battery life and proper status gathering. "IN" is "armed" on Night Mode and Away Mode.

The operation of this new AJAX configuration has been problem free upto now. OcBridge is programmed by USB connection to a PC/windows and a Configuration program and in terms of ease of Configuration and troubleshooting is … 20 years away from Visonic PowerCode. 
Sensors are registered using this Configurator which allows you to test sensor signal strength as you move to any place in the house. Wireless reach is also much increased in relation to Visonic. Each sensor has available some config parameters

So, my plan is to increase AJAX PIR and MAG sensors as Visonic are replaced and also experiment with others (fire, glass break, and leak).
This surely looks as a good alternative to Visonic and to expand Comfort options.
Let me know if you want aditional info or detail.

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