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 Posted: Thursday Jun 18th, 2020 01:39 pm
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Conceptually the Ocbridge Plus acts like MCR308 for Visonic PowerCode sensors.
It provides 8 sensor zones to Comfort (many sensors per zone) plus the 4 "Service Zones".
OcBridge can be programmed stand-alone just connected (and powered) by USB to a PC running AJAX OcBridge Configurator (downloadable from OcBridge Plus page).
This Configurator also allows to upgrade firmware of ocBridge. It has Read and Write configuration operations similar to Comfort Configurator.
When you "connect" Configurator to ocBridge it gets into configuration mode, signaled by a LED. When Configurator is "disconnected" it gets into operation mode.
ocBridge needs 12v for normal operation (which I took from Comfort)
Under Configurator you start by creating and setting "radio zones" matching Comfort zones. Named them as you like. Then you can enroll the sensors to the zone (each zone can even include mix MAG and PIR). The sensors can later be moved to another zone.
In Configurator there is a utility to test the sensor's signal strength level as you position it on the intended installation place (the program provides the signal levels in dbm).
OcBridge keeps a log register that can be read by Configurator (as well as cleared or saved).

So, with ocBridge, a Windows PC, a USB mini cable, AJAX ocBridge Configurator and the sensors you will have everything needed to program the interface and the wireless environment.

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