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 Posted: Tuesday Jul 7th, 2020 09:30 am
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Hi Slychiu. 

Back in 2018 you pointed me in the right direction to get my curtains to close when the NightTime Flag was triggered. Using your advice I managed to achieve this. Unfortunately a couple of weeks ago I had a problem with Comfort and when trying to sort it out I lost the cclx file with the correct coding. I have tried to re-create it but have so far failed and have been using a time program to close the curtains. Could you have a look at the attached cclx file to see where I have gone wrong in trying to trigger CloseCurtains with the Sunset Response. I know the NightTime Flag is triggered at the correct time because the CloakroomPIROn Response is working correctly. Please let me know if there is enough information in the cclx file to solve the problem. 

Attachment: 03-07-20 Test - Ultra 6.011 KT03 2.006.cclx (Downloaded 1 time)

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