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 Posted: Friday May 19th, 2023 01:53 am
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Sorry to hear about the lightning damage.  SEM01-M2 is no longer produced.

In the topic  Differences between  SEM01C and SEM01-M2

SEM01C does not have EOL shunts to determine if EOL resistors should be connected to the zone. The EOL setting is programmed in Comfigurator 3.11.14 and above (No EOL, or Double EOL) The older SEM01-M2 has EOL shunts for each zone. If an older LEM with shunts is connected to SEM01C then the LEM zones will only have the option "Use Shunts". The EOL shunts in the LEM-M2 wil determine the EOL status.

Hence you can use LEM01-M2 with SEM01C (but not the other way around). For each zone on the LEM01-M2, select "Use shunts"

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