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 Posted: Friday May 19th, 2023 04:38 am
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Thanks for the response. Must have missed that info while checking the forums. My original post mistakenly referred to LEM02-M2 - should have been LEM01-M2 (not LEM02-M2) but the same applies.

I do have a lot of surge protection and there is no telephone line connected. The surge was caused by an electrician - not sure what he did - possibly mixed the neutrals. Had 2 network switches and a PC network card pop - my guess is that one of the switches may have shorted out mains to network and that got through to the UCM/ETH (which is not damaged!) and then onto the RS485 bus. (Not an electrical expert so not sure if this is possible but have no other explanation.)

Have had Comfort almost running my life since around 2004 so am feeling rather lost at the moment! Overall I'm very impressed that more of the Comfort boards didn't die - CPU9000, 1 x SEM, 4 x SEM power supply boards, 8 x RIO, 1 x IRIO, 6 x keypads, 1 x DM02, 1 x GSM all appear to be OK.

I read somewhere that there is an ISO485 bus isolator but can find no details - is this available?

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