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 Posted: Friday Sep 8th, 2023 09:31 am
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I posted this on Discord, but as it seems to be dead over there I will post it here as well. I have setup a number of Sonoff NSPanel Pro devices to act as wall-mounted touchscreens for HA and I wanted to use them as alarm contol panels along with controlling lights, heating, etc. As Comfort is setup with a number of different codes for family members, guest, etc. I wanted to allow everyone to be able to sign-in to the alarm using their own codes.By default, the HA MQTT Alarm Control Panel only allows one fixed code in the configuration, but I have discovered that it now allows the code to be validated by the alarm system itself. I've tested this out and it works perfectly. This is my setup with the old settings commented out:
  - alarm_control_panel:
    name: 'Comfort Alarm'
    unique_id: comfort_alarm_panel_1
    state_topic: 'homeassistant/alarm/comfort/alarm_mode/status'
    command_topic: 'homeassistant/alarm/comfort/alarm_mode/set'
    code_arm_required: false
    code_disarm_required: true
    payload_arm_away: 'away'
    payload_arm_home: 'day'
    payload_arm_night: 'night'
    payload_arm_vacation: 'vacation'
    payload_disarm: 'off'
    payload_arm_custom_bypass: '#'
#  code: "1234"
#  command_template: '{{action}},{{code}}'
    code: REMOTE_CODE
    command_template: >
        { "action": "{{ action }}", "code": "{{ code }}" }

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