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 Posted: Sunday Aug 20th, 2006 11:10 am
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120 lights require 120 inputs and outputs
25 aircons require 25 inputs and outputs
20 IR AV requires 20 outputs but probably no inputs as you may not be able to monitor the status unless you use CSM on all the power cords
This adds up to 165 Inputs and 145 outputs. You can use RIOs for non alarm inputs and outputs. max is 8 RIO each having 8 inputs and 8 outputs, ie 64 inputs and outputs
16 CCTV with DVR is independent system you need not control by Comfort

25 alarm inputs must be on Comfort main board, LEM or Slaves.
There are max 3 Slaves each with LEM giving 64 inputs and outputs, so total including RIOs is 128 inputs and outputs, Hence this is not enough for your system

Furthermore, Comfort II Ultra has 6 groups of control menus each with 10 control keys so thyat allows you to control 60 devices on the menu

In a home automation system it is not necessary to control all the lights aircons and AV in the house. One needs to consider what the automation is meant to achieve. I think it is usually enough to control  those lighting points which are important in the home which needs to be switched on or off in response to events like entry, burglary, time programs etc. 128 inputs and outputs is a very large system

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