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 Posted: Thursday Aug 31st, 2006 06:21 pm
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ident wrote:
120 lights require 120 inputs and outputs

That's only true if you are controlling the lights with relays directly connected to Comfort inputs/outputs.

If you are using an external lighting control system, like CBus, EIB, or X10, then you will need no dedicated comfort zones (inputs or outputs) at all for lighting.

This reduces your requirement to:

25 input for alarm
20 output for AV IR

...and whatever you need for AC. I'm assuming from your description that you have 25 separate AC units, each individually IR controllable. In which case you would need an additional 25 IR outputs for these if you wanted to retain full, independent control.

Otherwise if you can group the AC units, you can issue the same IR command (e.g. temperature to 25 degrees) to that group by having multiple IR's connected to one output. Obviously this removes individual control.



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