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Note: If the Comfort Firmware is version you need to use the UCM programming cable to upgrade the firmware as described here.

If the Comfort firmware is version 6 and above, you do not need the UCM programming cable  - the firmware can be upgraded via Comfigurator as described in

Instructions for Upgrading Comfort Firmware using the UCM/232, UCM/Ethernet or UCM/USB using the Programming Cable

This procedure shows how to upgrade Comfort firmware. For instructions on how to upgrade firmware of another UCM or Slave see

Please note that a module can be upgraded with firmware of the same type. For example, Comfort Ii Ultra can only be upgraded with Comfort II Ultra firmware, Slave SEM can only be upgraded with Slave firmware. UCM/232, USB and Ethernet share the same firmware. UCM/KNX, UCM/Cbus have their own different firmware types. Each module can be upgraded with the same type of firmware eg UCM/KNX firmware cannot be  upgraded to  UCM/Cbus or UCM/232, USB or Ethernet.
UCM 5.178 and above is needed to do the upgrade. Lower versions may cause the firmware to be corrupted
  1. Note that this procedure may cause the siren to turn on. The SRN terminal block can be removed before this.
  2. The Rs485 white cable between the UCM and Comfort which is used in normal operations should remain connected. The UCM doing the upgrade should have firmware UCM 7 or above
  3. Connect the UCM232, UCM/USB or UCM/Ethernet  to the product to be upgraded using the UCM programming cable (see below)
  4. Connect a shunt to the PP2 header on Comfort if it is present on Comfort. PP2 can be seen in the illustration of the Comfort PCB as below the PROG connector and to the right, and directly below the D1 Green LED.

  5. Connect the UCM  programming cable with single 6 wire connector to PP1 (PROG) on the Comfort  to be upgraded
  6. Connect the other 2 ends of the UCM programming cable to the UCM (that is used for programming) to PP1 (Connector with 4 wires) and PP3 (for connector with 2 wires).
  7. Switch on the Comfort system. The battery need not be connected. Note that the Firmware upgrade cannot be done with just the Battery connected without the AC Input from the transformer also connected
  8. The UCM should have its RDY led turned on. When upgrading Comfort, its D9 and D10 will not blink as usual. When upgrading other modules, the D9 and D10 leds will continue to flash.
  9. The keypads will start beeping continuously and Comfort will not be operating normally at this time. This is expected.
  10. DO NOT LOG IN to Comfort for this procedure
  11. Start Comfigurator 3, select the UCM connection method in Options and go to Transfer > Firmware Upgrade > By Firmware Cable connected to UCM. DO NOT Login as this will not work.

  12. Next, Comfigurator will prompt for the file to be downloaded.  The firmware upgrade files can be downloaded from The firmware files are zipped. Unzip the file. These firmware files have the extension .cbf
  13. Navigate to the correct firmware file with the extension .CBF and click "Open". The upgrade is only accepted if the firmware file is of the same type as the Comfort being upgraded, eg ULT to ULT, You will not be able to download ULT firmware to an OPT
  14. After doing so, Comfigurator will give a warning prompt, informing users that the firmware version will be upgraded. Click on "OK" to proceed with the firmware upgrade. There will be a progress bar showing the completion % during the transfer.
  15. If Comfort is being upgraded, the keypads will beep continuously because communications with Comfort is lost.
  16. When completed (without any error), switch off Comfort, unplug the programming cable from  Comfort and the UCM.
  17. Remove the shunt from PP2 on Comfort.
  18. Switch on power to Comfort. The voice announcement "Security Off" should be heard
  19. If Comfort firmware has been upgraded, go to Transfer > System Information  jn Comfigurator, and check the firmware of Comfort
Also refer to the UCM manual which can be downloaded from

Common problems with doing the firmwware upgrade can be found at

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