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Comfort the Intelligent Home System is an integrated Security/Home Automation System with Voicemail ( with extensive interfaces to Lighting and other third party systems, including KNX, Dynalite, Lutron, Rako, Ulti, X10, and Velbus
  • Comfort can be interfaced to Schneider/Clipsal’s C-Bus  (  using the UCM/CBUS2 Module. Comfort is a CBUS-enabled partner . The UCM/CBUS2 allows Comfort to control and monitor any Group Address on C-Bus via the CBUS cable alone. Comfort can act as a controller or gateway for the C-Bus system, providing the following benefits to a C-Bus system:
  • telecontrol through any telephone inside or outside the premises to control and monitor the status of devices on the C-Bus
  • allows control from Comfort’s keypads.
  • Allows Comfort Time Programs to schedule C-Bus device
  • allows alarm inputs and alarm conditions to be linked to C-Bus for true integration of alarm and lighting.
  • allows C-Bus switches to trigger Comfort Responses, allowing control of non-C-Bus appliances like air-conditioners, home entertainment systems, and linking to all of Comfort’s security and control functions.
  • The C-Touch touchscreen can be used as a keypad for Comfort, and can display zone and alarm status.
  • functions as a central controller for C-Bus.  C-Bus is a distributed  system with each device having its own intelligence and able to respond according to  its own device type and the way it is programmed. In an intelligent home or  office environment, it can be desirable to have a controller which is able to coordinate the functions of all the subsystems including security, lighting,  and others.  Comfort is able to take action based on conditional logic , for example, when  the time is between 7 PM and 7 AM and the security system is armed, and when the front door is opened, turn on the hall lights for 3 minutes.
  • The UCM/CBUS2, 2nd generation of Cbus Interface supports Trigger, Enable, and Measurement application as well the Lighting, Security and Clocks/Timekeeping applications
See the UCM/CBus on  the Cytech Website  at
The UCM/CBUS Instriction Manual can be downloaded from

This forum is for the discussion and support for all Comfort to Cbus Interface related issues

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