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These instructions show how to upgrade UCM, Slave or KT03 firmware using the UCM Programming Cable

If the SEM or UCM  firmware is at least, you do not need the UCM programming cable anymore - the firmware can be upgraded over the Comfort Bus as described in

However if the module firmware is corrupt, then it can be possible to restore the firmware using the UCM Programming Cable described here

You can use the UCM/USB or UCM/Ethernet to upgrade firmware of any type of UCM or SEM or KT03 with Flash firmware.  The firmware version of the target must be 5.100 or higher.
The UCM used to do the upgrade must be minimum firmware 5.178.
Note that this procedure applies to upgrading the Slave (SEM) firmware although the picture shows a UCM being upgraded.
The  connections between the UCM used to do the upgrade  and the UCM being upgraded are shown in the picture below. The UCM/USB is shown in the picture (ignore the RS232 connector shown)

The procedure to upgrade UCM or Slave firmware is shown here. For instructions on how to upgrade Comfort firmware, go to

The UCM doing the upgrading  (shown on the left) is connected to the UCM being upgraded (shown on the right) via a Programming Cable which comes with every UCM/232, UCM/USB or UCM/Ethernet. The programming cable is a split cable with two connectors (6 pin and 2 pin) on one end and a single 6 pin connector on the other end
  1. Connect the cable with the 2 ends - 2 wire connector and 4 wire connector to the programming UCM (PP1 and PP3) and the end with a single 6-wire connector to the PP1 on UCM to be upgraded. PP1 is a 6 way header and PP3 is a 2 way header. The connection is shown in the picture below.
  2. On the UCM to be upgraded, insert a shunt on the PP2 header if present. The PP2 header has been removed on later UCM Modules and PP2 is not needed for KT03. In the picture, PP2 can be seen below the green (D10) and red (D9) leds on the UCM being upgraded. In older versions of the UCM, the PP2 header may be under the submodule. If so the submodule must be removed to access the PP2 header
  3. The UCM being upgraded should not be connected to Comfort, the only connection is to the UCM doing the upgrade via the programming cable. When the connection is made, the red (D9) and green (D10) leds on the target UCM being programmed will flash, with D9  (red) very fast so it appears steady and D10 (green) at a slower rate. IF D10 GREEN LED on the target is not blinking, then the PP2 shunt is not connected or may not be making contact. Change the shunt on PP2
  4. Run Comfigurator, go to menu Options > UCM Interface and select USB, Serial or Ethernet and the appropriate port in the usual way.
  5. Go to Transfer > Firmware Upgrade> By Firmware cable connected to UCM. Browse to select the firmware file with extension .cbf for the UCM to be upgraded.
  6. The firmware upgrade files can be downloaded from
  7. When selected, the firmware upgrade will start, and will take only a  minute for a UCM. The progress bar will show the completion rate of the upgrade. If the upgrade process fails or halts for any reason, just repeat the transfer > Firmware upgrade process.
  8. When it has completed successfully, remove the cable from the UCM being upgraded and the other UCM. Also remove PP2 shunt from the UCM being upgraded.
  9. If the firmware upgrade fails for any reason, RESET the UCM which is doing the firmware upgrade, and then try again
If you have upgraded a Slave, UCM/KNX, UCM/CBUS, UCM/GSM2, etc the firmware version can be checked using Comfigurator 3.1.3 and above via the Scan Modules function in the Modules Tab

If you have two UCMs (UCM232, UCM/USB or UCM/Ethernet), one can upgrade the other, and the connections can be reversed so the other can be upgraded. a UCM cannot upgrade its own firmware

Please note that only firmware of the same type can be used to upgrade a module. For example, Comfort Ii Ultra can only be upgraded with Comfort II Ultra firmware, Slave SEM can only be upgraded with Slave firmware. UCM/232, USB and Ethernet share the same firmware. UCM/KNX, UCM/Cbus have their own tyoe of firmware so only the same firmware type can be used to upgrade the respective UCMs. eh UCM/KNX firmware cannot be used to upgarde UCM/Cbus or UCM/232, USB or Ethernet.

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