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ComfortClient is a Graphical User Interface for Comfort developed as a .NET Client application.  It can be downloaded from the Comfort Forum via and my website at

ComfortClient runs on any PC using .NET 4.5 and communicates with Comfort via UCM/Ethernet, UCM/USB or UCM/232 interfaces (

ComfortClient allows the user to control Comfort and monitor the system via a graphical user interface (see screenshots below).  The main interface consists of a multi-tabbed workspace where ‘Floorplans’ and ‘browser’ type panels can be displayed;  Floorplans contain graphical representations of the users home, whereas browser panels can be used to show IP camera feeds or links to other Home automation web-based solutions.  Both panel types show information status in real-time. Floorplans can be configured with hot links so for example clicking/pressing a light image can turn on the physical light via Comfort Response with its status reflected in real-time on the Floorplan.  In addition to the main workspace are a simulated Comfort Keypad and a tabbed control panel giving access to many of the Comfort features including, Event Log, IO Monitor, Home Control as well as other custom definable views of configured responses. ComfortClient includes a number of modules, accessible from the menus, to configure the software; Floorplan Editor, Window Manager, Sound Manager and Condition Manager.  Floorplan Editor is used to build and maintain Floorplans comprised of imported graphical objects (developed externally in your favourite graphical editor; e.g. MS Visio, Corel Draw etc.) and to integrate the images with functionality within the Comfort system.  Window Manager is used to administer the tabbed panels on the main workspace.  Sound Manager is used to attach sound to System and Floorplan object events, and utilises the standard sound files (ie Myma, Kate etc) created by Cytech.  Condition Manager is used to create simple/complex calculations based on Comfort statuses (Counters, Flags, Sensors etc) which can then be used to control visibility and other aspects (e.g. Sound) of Floorplan objects and System Sounds.  
ComfortClient provides support for ‘plug-ins’, more on which can be found on these forums(
 ComfortClient also supports ‘connectors’;  interfaces to external applications and services fed via event driven data output from floorplan objects. 
ComfortClient also can be used with the ‘ComfortServer’ application developed by Clinton Giltrow and also posted on these forums (
This forum is for download links, discussion, hints & tips, tutorials, support and feedback on the ComfortClient. Remember if you actively use, have used, or have previously evaluated ComfortClient (to whatever conclusion) then please remember to vote at

Example: The Floorplan example below was created in MS Visio (you can use any drawing suite though) in around 15 minutes using Visio floorplan objects.  Once created, I filled the background colour in green and saved as my base floorplan (as JPG/PNG).  I then filled the background in red (as below) and used the Visio selection tools to select and copy each room section as a seperate "room" image and save them to JPG/PNG files. With all image files created I added them to ComfortClient via the Floorplan Editor.  Once imported and placed accordingly I set the properties of each individual room image to match the "On" state of it's respective zone status (typically PIR) in Comfort.  I then added image objects to simulate door open states and set their properties to zones status "On" state (typically magnetic contacts).  I finally added Light images on which you can add ClickResponses to turn on the physical lights. 

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