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Getting Started with Comfort
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 Posted: Saturday May 23rd, 2009 06:08 am
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For those who are new to Comfort, please start with

What is Comfort and What does it do

What parts are required for Comfort

How to Configure a Comfort System

Comfort Wiring Guide

Comfort II User Guides

Installation Manual

Connecting Comfort - Quick Guide

Expanding Comfort Inputs and Outputs

The Comfort Control Panel CP9000 is the brain of the Comfort System. It has 8 inputs and 8 outputs, dedicated Siren, Speaker  and Strobe outputs, telephone interface,  X10 Interface, Tamper Input, Power Supply with battery charger.

A Local Expansion Module LEM01 adds 8 inputs and 8 Outputs
The LEM02 adds 8 inputs and 0 outputs
The LEM03 adds 16 inputs and 0 outputs

Only 1 LEM of any type can be added to a Comfort or Slave Expansion Panel

The Slave Expansion Panel (SEP01) adds another 8 inputs and outputs, independent Power Supply with Battery charger. The Slave can be located at a different floor of the building as it is connected to Comfort by the RS485 Comfort Bus. One LEM of any type can be connected to the Slave.

Up to 8 keypads can be installled in a  Comfort System. Keypads have a 16 button keypad, speaker, microphone, and Infrared receiver. KP03 is without LCD, KP04 is with LCD and  vertical orientation, KP05 is with LCD and horizontal orientation, and KT03 is a Touchscreen Keypad
The new KP06 keypad has a wide choice of frames and can be mounted in horizontal or Vertical position

See more pictures at

Keypads can arm and disarm the security system, intercom with other keypads and Dooor Stations and act as baby Monitors, as well as record and hear messages for members of the family.
The parts needed for Comfort to be used as an Intruder Alarm System are
  1. CP9000 Comfort Controller with 8 inputs, 8 outputs
  2. One or more keypads (KP03, KP04, KP05, KP06, KT03)
  3. Local or Slave Exapnsion Modules depending on the number of Zones

The Door station intercom calls the home phones and keypads in Security Off and Night Mode to allow users to talk to visitors. When the system is armed to Away or Vacation Mode, the system dials to mobile phones to allow users to talk to the visitor.
Up to 3 Door stations can be installed in a system. The RGR Ringer Module is required to produce a ringing signal on the local phones. Door stations may be in plastic (DP03) or Aluminium (DS01) and Stainless Steel (DS02). DM02 door station interface is required for DS01 andDS02.

A Universal Communications Module (UCM) is required to program Comfort via Rs232 (UCM/232F), Ethernet (UCM/Ethernet) or USB UCM/USB). The free Comfigurator software is used to program Comfort using the UCM

External UCMs are available to interface with third party lighting and automation systems like C-Bus, KNX, Dynalite, Z-Wave,  Carlo Gavazzi Smart House, Crestron, AMX and many other systems.

Scene Control Switches are programmable designer switches which can be programmed to set any scene.

Comfort can be controlled by iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, and tablets

Comfort can send SMS messages in the event of system armed, disarmed or alarm (UCM/GSM is needed)

You can also send SMS to Comfort to arm, disarm and control lights and appliances

Also check out the Cytech website
and the  Cytech Video

New Installers should buy the EV003 Training/Evaluation kit which includes the Comfort controller, KP06 and KT03 Keypads, UCM/Ethernet interface and UCM/GSM and is connected and pre-programmed and comes with all documentation on a USB drive. This is an excellent tool for learning Comfort, and can be used as a portable demo system

Comfort is not a plug-and-play system. This is a powerful system with a lot of capabilities and it takes some effort to learn to configure and program it. However all the doucmentation is availlable online, at and  plenty of support is always available, in this forum and by email to Training is also available, in the UK and other parts of the world, see

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 Posted: Monday May 16th, 2011 02:19 pm
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Comfort Installation Instructions can be found here

See this topic  for information how to expand Comfort by adding Inputs and Outputs

Security System Basics

Instructions for programming Comfort using Comfigurator can be found here

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