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We have often been asked if it is possible for end users to install and program Comfort
Yes, it is possible, however it is not a simple job and you must be prepared to to spend the time to read the installation and programming manuals
All the product documentation is available on the Cytech website

manuals -
Technical Info -

Start with "What parts are needed for a Comfort system " at

Connecting Comfort - a Quick Guide (when you have your Comfort System and are ready to instal)

Some of the information below will be useful

Comfort Training Slides
How to configure a Comfort System
Comfort Wiring Guide
Comfort Installation Slides
User Guides
Installation Manual
Programming with Comfigurator

You could also employ an electrician or installer to do the wiring and mounting of the equipment, sensors, contacts, keypads etc and leave the termination, programming and testing (the difficult parts) to be done yourself.
In fact, many end users have successfully put in Comfort themselves, and they could do a better job than many installers as they are more motivated and are wiling to read the manuals

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