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Delete Unreferenced and Unfixed Responses
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 Posted: Monday Jun 20th, 2011 01:52 am
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There are many default Responses which are unused. Used, or Referenced Responses are shown in blue in the Responses  list.

To find where they are referenced from, right click and select "Show References" or "Graph References".  This is a very useful tool when debugging Responses

After completing a configuration, you can get rid of the unused Responses in Edit > Delete Unreferenced and Unfixed Responses.

This leaves only the Referenced Responses in Blue and the Fixed Responses in BOLD resulting in a cleaner and leaner Responses list.
In the screenshot below, only referenced (blue) and Fixed Responses (Bold) are shownn

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 Posted: Thursday Dec 25th, 2014 10:29 am
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Fixed and Unfixed Responses

Fixed Responses are shown in Bold in the Responses Window. That means that the Response number assigned to the Response is fixed and cannot be adjusted by Comfigurator.

However when a  Response is modified eg by Response wizard, a Fixed Response automatically becomes Unfixed.

Fixing a Response may be necessary because Response numbers may be used by other modules eg KT03 assigned to a button which executes the Response. If the Response number is changed, then the same button will no longer be linked to the Response. It needs Write to KT03 to send the new Response number to KT03.

To Fix or Unfix a Response, select the Response, and in the right pane and check or uncheck the Fixed box

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