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Checking the state of Flags, Counters, Sensors, Zones, Outputs
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 Posted: Sunday Jun 30th, 2013 01:29 pm
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You can check the state or value of Counters, Sensors, Flags, Outputs and Inputs in Comfigurator
Counters, Sensors and Flags are used in Logic Programming in Comfort. These are very useful tools in programming Comfort

It is useful to be able to find out the state of these elements in order to debug the program

If Flag 1=0 and Counter 010>40, then Do All Lights Off

The Show Status checkbox in various screens causes Comfigurator to show the states

Eg  the Flags screen is shown below

All Flag values are shown at the same time, and any change in flag status is shown immmediatelty

In the Counter screen, each counter has its own Show Status box, so you select each Counter that you want to show the value

The Counters which do not have "Show Status" enabled have the value "Unknown"

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