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UCM/Zwave 7.016
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 Posted: Wednesday Jul 24th, 2013 09:28 am
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The new firmware Zwave 7.016 is the version that has been officially certified by Zwave, see the announcement in

This firmware can be upgraded by Comfigurator according to instructions in

The changes from Zwave 6.024 are
  • Virtual node counter update triggers Comfort Response, even if the value is unchanged so Scene commands can work.
  • Improved EEPROM write cycle during Learn mode.  Previously, it did not respond to Poll command during write.
  • Backup Z-Wave data block in case of learn failure[size=,]which causes it to reset and all virtual nodes lost. This workaround is recommended by Z-Wave.  In event of failure, data block is restored to same network ID and node ID. If the controller is not in network before learn, the backup will not be initiated.
  • EEPROM is updated automatically, after virtual node is added or removed.  Hence, no need to "learn" from Primary Controller again.
  • UCM/Zwave Learn mode time-out increased to 60 secs.  This caters for cases where learn error happened, but user is unaware and keeps waiting for completion.
  • Automatic "factory default reset" when controller is excluded from network. Added new auto report status when UCM source 1D is available.
  • Cater for Multilevel switch command class. Status report value cannot be 100(Ox64) to 254(OxFE). If value falls in this forbidden range, will report as 255(OxFF) instead.
  • During learn, controllers are polled for supported command classes as well.
  • Patched Multilevel Switch Report Command.  Previously, registers are not updated correctly[size=.]
  • Inhibit Z-Wave commands to send to non-existing nodes or channels in nodes. Also inhibit Z- Wave commands sending to non-supported nodes.
  • Inhibit Z-Wave GET commands for multichannel bit address (ie. requiring reply from destination).
  •  Add new status to indicate when response commands are inhibited.

 Current time is 10:05 pm

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