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ETH03 sending incorrect date
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 Posted: Friday Sep 12th, 2014 01:20 pm
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ETH03 with latest firmware v2.11 (UCM v7.048) sending wrong date to comfort from SNTP server
is this a software problem or something elseeverytime I reset to the correct date & time it resets to DEC 17thI have had to switch off the SNTP update to comfort this upsets the outsdie lights coming on at sunset! :(
also can the updates be every 24 hours instead of every hour as this fills up the event log with time changes

 Posted: Friday Sep 12th, 2014 05:13 pm
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This incorrect date could be due to the ETH03 firmware
Please upgrade to ETH03 2.12 which fixes a problem with the incorrect date
Comfort server manager 2.04 is also available

The issue with the event log showing too many date and time changes has been fixed in ULT 7.061, see

Please upgrade to ULT 7.063 , which is still in beta if you to fix this problem now.

This firmware does not record the time change to the event log if the change is less than +/- 4 seconds. Hence minor corrections by the SNTP function should not be in the event log

There is no problem found in 7.063 so it should be safe to upgrade

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