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Hi everyone.

I'm busy developing version 5 of ComfortClient at the moment which includes great new features worthy of it's designation as a major release.  I'm a couple of months yet away from releasing this yet so in the meantime Ingo suggested that maybe I release a few of those fixes in a maintenance release, so here you go!

I while a go I asked Cytech if they could do anything to speed up initialisation of Counters and Sensors as requesting serially on the bus (one at a time) was slow IMHO.  They obliged with the sequential query (r?) command in ULT 7.063 firmware which I've now added support for too, along with the 16 bit counters support also implied by this command.

The result is that refreshes (when logging in) are a magnitude times faster (I think mine has gone down from 20 to 4 secs) and the Object Matrix opens up immediately fully initialised.  

Of course if you haven't benefited from upgrading to that ULT firmware yet then ComfortClient will still continue to initialise the counters and sensors it needs using the current "Smart Refresh" logic so nothing is lost.

The full list of fixes is below.

Hope you enjoy.   Now back to V5 coding!



Bug Fixes/Changes

  • System Refresh now uses the “r?” command if available to refresh ALL Counters and Sensors at the point of first logon.  If the command is not available (not supported in current system Firmware) then the legacy “smart refresh” mode will be performed.
  • CM command would be sent on refresh for every Control Menu item even when set to “None”.
  • New Boolean on Objects for 16 bit Counters & Sensors where percentages are concerned.
  • Conditions now support 16 Bit Counter & Sensor values.
  • Check for Control Menu State (CM) and “All Flags” Query (f?00) support now resets when Comfort connection details are changed as assumes connection to another system.
New Features

  • Implemented 16 bit Counter Support.
  • Implemented decode of the Sequential Registers Query (r?) command.

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great news thank


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What a difference!
Well  done Julian.
and Mr "r?" ;-)


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