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I am playing around with RIO and IR remote commands and I noticed that I have used IR command 0 but the "Show References" is empty but the graphical references shows the actual links. Also the text is not in blue.
Ultra 7.065

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"Show References" is supposed to show where the item selected is referenced

You have assigned the Response "IR 1 to Output 1" to IR Code 0. However there are no references to IR Code Received Code 0 because in general IR Receive Codes do not have references, or other places that refer to IR Receive Codes

It is the Response "IR 1 to Output 1 " which is referenced by IR Code 0, not the other way round

The Graph References do show IR Code 0 but that is showing IT Code 0 referencing the IR Response, not something else referencing IR  Code 0

Graph references is more useful as it shows links upstream and downstream to the selcted item

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