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Inbound email actions
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 Posted: Tuesday Dec 22nd, 2015 12:24 am
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UCM Pi Users

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I had a dvr which had a relay output which I used to trigger a comfort response based in motion detection via the dvr.
It worked great as you could realy tailor actions based in where specifically the motion was detected. One drawback was the dvr only had one relay output, so I could only relay have one comfort response for the whole dvr.
 Most dvr are the same and have only a limited number of outputs, however, they all have email sending which means you could send multiple email headings to indicate lots of different actions required.
If co fort had the ability to perform a response based on an email receipt and its heading  then the options are unlimited, and it would be a very straightforward interface to configure.
100% of dvrs have this feature, so comfort would instantly be able to communicate or interface with sherry single dvr type, irrespective of hardware etc.

Is this a possibility, it would have huge potential, even beyond dvr type uses.

Perhaps one issue is that it wouldn't be instantaneous ?
Perhaps snmp functionality instead ?

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 Posted: Wednesday Dec 23rd, 2015 01:13 pm
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Does your dvr have a serial output? Might be able to use this to chat to Comfort if you have the right UCM

Alternatively (and dependant on how good at tinkering you are) you could employ something like a Raspberry Pi Zero (£5). Scenario as follows ...

Have the dvr send an email to an account setup on the Rasberry Pi. Use some Linux cmds to toggle the I/O on the PI (based on email subject) to trigger input pins on Comfort and in turn responses


 Posted: Wednesday Dec 23rd, 2015 05:00 pm
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Yes Vangelis has good suggestions. Most DVR have serial output
The ETH03 does not have the function to receive emails

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