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PIR off response on a Zone
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 Posted: Thursday Jan 19th, 2017 02:34 am
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I am slightly confused when the PIR off response on a zone is initiated.
Has there got be at least one ON response activated before an Off response?
What happens if there are no ON responses?
For presence detection to switch off lights or heating in a room, I am finding that there must be at least one ON response. If the situation is such no one enters the room and the PIR does not detect the person due to location of the PIR relative to the light switch then the OFF response will not be activated.
If this is the case, how would you suggest I program the presence detection when there no PIR on's so that PIR off can still be initiated.
Do I have attach a response to the light switch or heating to know that the heating ir light is on in the room? Am still able to PIR on/off one the zone possibly with extra programming attached to the light switch?
Thank you for support and help you give through this forum.

 Posted: Thursday Jan 19th, 2017 06:17 am
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The Zone OFF response is activated by a change in State from ON to OFF, It uis not activated if the Zone is always OFF. The presence of a On Response oin the zone is not necessary. You do not need to have a Zone ON Response attached to the zone, but the zone must switch from ON to OFF to trigger the Off Response

If you atre using a PIR for presence detection on a room, then you should ensure that the PIR has sufficient c overage, or add another PIR so all areas are vovered

You can also use a light switch Response to test the PIR zone is on or off by the action
"If Zone N <> 0" but that will only ne meaningful if there is motion at that exact time

You should be able to detect lighting or heating in the room based on Output or input status

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